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Bounty Hucul Bounty Cerna a bila Boston Roblen
Ejmy ze Severni zahrady
Christa Gepard Gepard Gepard
Balu Gepard
Rula von der Spitzgrube Amor z Cernych Tecek Hasan Gepard
Eyleen Dianina Smecka
Asti von Absdorf Bounty Hucul
Fatima Mala Tecka


Chira was born at 28.02.98.
She's prefered victim of the "slap-attacks" from cat Miu - to level this out she steals cats food with pleasure.But only in unobserved moments, otherwise she gets into trouble!

A very lovely friend with a nice temper who's always in the mood to lay on the couch for hours, being fondled.
After she had three litter she is now our retired "old lady".
Chira passed away 17.03.2011.

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