7th week

46 days old

Everybody knows about housing problems in the city...but even summer cottages in the country are very much in demand; they are inspecten in large groups and also the substance is quality tested...

b_120_80_16777215_00_images_s_46t1.jpg b_120_80_16777215_00_images_s_46t2.jpg b_120_80_16777215_00_images_s_46t3.jpg b_120_80_16777215_00_images_s_46t.jpg b_120_80_16777215_00_images_s_46t5.jpg b_120_80_16777215_00_images_s_46t6.jpg b_120_80_16777215_00_images_s_46t7.jpg

b_120_80_16777215_00_images_s_46t8.jpg The younger and older girls are relaxing on the terrace

b_120_80_16777215_00_images_s_46t9.JPG Salt'N Pepa and Smash'N Grab hahave a little chat
b_120_80_16777215_00_images_s_46t10.jpg Second Crack on his throne




44 days old

Getting used to harness and leash during a walk in the garden

b_120_80_16777215_00_images_s_44t1.jpg b_120_80_16777215_00_images_s_44t2.jpg b_120_80_16777215_00_images_s_44t3.jpg b_120_80_16777215_00_images_s_44t4.jpg  b_120_80_16777215_00_images_s_44t6.jpg



b_120_80_16777215_00_images_s_44t7.jpg b_120_80_16777215_00_images_s_44t8.jpg b_120_80_16777215_00_images_s_44t9.jpg b_120_80_16777215_00_images_s_44t10.jpg b_120_80_16777215_00_images_s_44t11.jpg b_120_80_16777215_00_images_s_44t5.jpg Right after work Lillit and Luci have to rest




42 days old

b_120_80_16777215_00_images_s_42t1.jpg b_120_80_16777215_00_images_s_42t2.jpg Pups are chipped, under supervision of  Luci








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