7th week

46 days old

 b_120_80_16777215_00_images_t_46t1.jpg b_120_80_16777215_00_images_t_46t2.jpg b_120_80_16777215_00_images_t_46t3.jpg Having fun in the garden



45 days old

 b_120_80_16777215_00_images_t_45t.jpg b_120_80_16777215_00_images_t_46t4.jpg



44 days old

 b_120_80_16777215_00_images_t_44t1.jpg  b_120_80_16777215_00_images_t_44t2.jpg b_120_80_16777215_00_images_t_44t3.jpg b_120_80_16777215_00_images_t_44t4.jpg b_120_80_16777215_00_images_t_44t5.jpg



b_120_80_16777215_00_images_t_44t6.jpg b_120_80_16777215_00_images_t_44t7.jpg b_120_80_16777215_00_images_t_44t8.jpg b_120_80_16777215_00_images_t_44t9.jpg b_120_80_16777215_00_images_t_44t10.jpg




43 days old

 b_120_80_16777215_00_images_t_43t1.jpg   b_120_80_16777215_00_images_t_43t4.jpg  Enjoying the morning sun

b_120_80_16777215_00_images_t_43t5.jpg b_120_80_16777215_00_images_t_43t2.jpg



42 days old




In the evening, when temperatures dropped, there is action in the puppy run



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