The fourth week

Stacked photos at 27 days

27 days old

Mahal Kita crossing the seesaw
Sisters (Moccamotion & Mahal Kita)


Miles Ahead
Most Wanted & Millefiori


Musthave is having a bath
Crunch! (Make My Day)


And 1...and 2....and 1...and 2....
Make My Day


Well-educated puppies make the beds in the morning


Monkey Business
Mission Control

Many visitors...among them also the "parents-in-law" from Holland :-)

Most Wanted totally relaxed
Everybody is happy

Stretching is important


25 days old

All awake

Mr. Big caught something



24 days old
Today was such an exciting day! The puppies moved to the puppy room and discovered many new things there.
After long explorations in each corner and a very noisy excitement they finally fell asleep in their new bed - of course not without having a delicious meal before.

Mochamotion is curious
Heeeeelp, I'm brave! (Mahoney)


Mr. Big is tackling the thing
Miles Ahead creeps out of the cosy bed


What's that?
Brrrr...wet and cold

Our liver boys (Miles Ahead, Musthave, Most Wanted)



23 days old

Monkey Business




Mahal Kita with "mom no.2"
Miles Ahead found a pillow


Most Wanted


Musthave & Mr. Big
Time for playing


Miles Ahead cuddles