The seventh week

Individual portraits at 42 days to be found HERE

At 43 days

Look, that's how to play with sand!

Come on brother, give me a little ride

In safety ;-)

In the bunny's run

Where is he now?

I can't see him...

The supernumeraries


At 45 days

Today was a very exciting day - many visitors, exciting toys and our BAER test with a good result:
ooray, 11 of us are bilateral and only our blue eyed lady Indigo Sea and boy Inside Out are unilateral!

Our visitors today brought very delicious keys,...


...and hands with them!

Inner Circle is tired to death after such a lot of chewing

What an excitement - this stuff is rustling and makes a big bang when humans step on it

Jazz thinks it is very comfortable here
Image Is Everything & Innocent Eyes


The puppies are playing a last time before they "go to bed"
(at 46 days)

(this video has 36 MB)


At 47 days

Image Is Everything

Today the pups were driving in a car again and behaved excellently, very calm and none of them was vomiting.
We went to Naemi's kindergarten, where all the kids were playing with the puppies very tenderly and cautiously; we all had a lot of fun!
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