The seventh week

>> Individual portraits at 42 days

Our first walk in the surrounding area
45 days

The Junior breeder is calling her pack
Smells interesting...
Mom and daughter
Mom is in quite good shape again
Jana is guardinbg everything from above

Many visitors...and unbfortunately miserable weather again, so we have to stay inside often

At 43 & 44 days

The puppies are cuddled a lot - by little and big visitors
Our little soccer queen (Kiss Me Quick)
Almost sleeping ... (Knight And Day)
Assiduitas Eleventh Elk is visiting

"Elch" is loved by the little ones
ss Me Quick & Kiss And Tell)

Also Eros is a great fellow to play with
Water games (Kitty Hello & King Size)
Tired to death

At 42 days

Playing in the garden all together
have a look first...
...and then start climbing!
We are cute...
...but also naughty
In the end all kids are tired