The eighth week

Finally some individual shots at 8 weeks

56 days old
An exciting week lays behind us....and after BAER test, another vaccination and the litter evaluation the time to move out has come...

The first puppy moved out and a new one in :-)
Thanks so much for this lovely artwork!

Let's Talk Business, the teddy baer

Lill'Ladida, the little beauty

A little private residence for the did not live long ;-)

53 days old

Our long awaited visit at the local kindergarten took place today.
Excitement on both sides, before the doors open...

It is always great to see how carefully they all handle each other and how even the kids which are not familiar with dogs slowly relax and play

And where is a kid for me?
(Let's Talk Business with looots of skin to fit in later ;-)
A tired pack ready to drive back home again

51 days old

Lodestar and Naemi playing
Lill'Ladida is watching everything from above
On tour in the garden
We met the neighbour's dogWir treffen den Nachbarshund
The eleganz sister and momma-clown
Caught you!
Well deserved meal after

50 days old

The Wild 13
You dig and I keep a lookout!
(Lollapalooza & Latin Lover)
Latin Lover
We still have some Arctic in the garden
The dustbin is rumbling and rattling so exciting...after a first fear the puppies think this is just a great thing
Men at the wheel
La Floridita


49 days old

Mom is disciplining her kids
No way!
The junior breeder during her cleaning efforts
Our Limbo!