Ch. Assiduitas Eccentric Echo after Ch. Alphadirato Emperor

December, 14th.
Ginger's little "maverick" let us wait for a few days, but last night labour was finally approaching.
Unfortunately the puppy was stillborn, we are very sad and suffer together with Ginger, who is still searching for her baby everywhere.
However, we are at least glad that she is doing fine and overcame everything without problems.

Our puppy, by the way a little black spotted bitch, will not only be "G" for us but will get his planned name "Assiduitas Gonna Be Unique".


Ginger at the vet. She LOVES her vet and enjoys every visit there :-)

Day 53.
At the vet's counter grinning Ginger announces her arrival.
You can already see a little tummy, but unfortunately a x-ray confirmed what we assumed, Ginger is obviously only expecting one single puppy.
We hope that this one will be happy and healthy and could be born normally.