The sixth week

39 days old

Exciting - colours and sounds
A lot of dogs....
Played to sleep  
The Dachshounds Bojar & Jackson are examined
Hey you!
Dackshound is great for climbing!  
Lots of spots
Sweet guy (Let's Talk Business)

37 days old

The kids' room
Come on, brother, danve with me... (Let's Talk Business & La Vie En Rose)
Shaking here... (Latin Lover)
...shaking there...(Lollipop)
The battle with the rattle bottle (Lill'Ladida)
Legal Eagle
Lill'Ladida is flying in

36 days old

Lollapalooza & La Floridita
The first pioneers of the Arctic
Tiny - but somehow cool! (Assiduitas Iwannamaker visiting)
Come on, go!