Assiduitas Inner Circle after Ch. Jilloc's Loverboy

The puppies are ready to leave home from the 9th week on. At this time they are vaccinated, have been dewormed several times, they are microchipped,
BAER tested and have F.C.I/VDH/DDC registrations.
They are raised with our other dogs, kids, cats, bunnies and are used to other people. We strive to prepare them as good as possible for their future lives as reliable and friendly companions.
Adjusted accordingly to their age they are made familiar with the common everyday life situations. They will be used to traveling by car as well as walking on a lead.
The puppies leave home with a "starter set" and a lifetime "customer service". It is very important to us to have good contact to our puppy buyers over the years and we will be there whenever you have a question.

Some shots from the "individual traing" with single puppies from the 9th week on. We are visiting the zoo, restaurants, the vet or take a walk with the "adult" pack. We do all have lots of fun with those activities.


Day 58:
Like her mother in 2009 Lillit decided today: the time has come!
In the night between August 24th and 25th she gave birth to our 10 bundles of joy!
We have 6 boys (4 of them liver spotted, one patched) and 4 girls (one of them liver spotted).
Mom and kids are doing fine and Lillit is doing a great job!

day 50 - Lillits belly is BIG, but she is happy and healthy
Day 40

Our happy couple - Bosson and Lillit
Jana, Lillit and Bosson enjoy that the sun is fainally shining again
Day 37


27.07. Hooray, Lillit is pregnant!