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21 days old


From left to right: Ovomaltine (f), Outta Sight (m), On High Heels (f), Ocean Breeze (f), Optimus Prime (m), Once In A Blue Moon (f)




22 days old


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Once In A Blue Moon

Female, cheek patch



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On High Heels



Female, patch

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Outta Sight


Optimus Prime



o_wurf_22t1 Our cute "Once In A Blue Moon"





23 days old

Today the puppies moved to the puppy house where they will have more space. Immediatly they started to explore everything, also the future puppy owner's visits was an exciting event.

b_120_80_16777215_00_images_o_wurf_23t1.jpg Leeloo gets some treatsi

b_120_80_16777215_00_images_o_wurf_23t2.jpg Ovomaltine

b_120_80_16777215_00_images_o_wurf_23t3.jpg b_120_80_16777215_00_images_o_wurf_23t4.jpg The boys exploring

b_120_80_16777215_00_images_o_wurf_23t5.jpg Once In A Blue Moon

b_120_80_16777215_00_images_o_wurf_23t6.jpg Optimus Prime & On High Heels checking the water bowl

b_120_80_16777215_00_images_o_wurf_23t7.jpg Optimus Prime






b_120_80_16777215_00_images_o_wurf_23t8.jpg Outta Sight presenting his nice spots...

b_120_80_16777215_00_images_o_wurf_23t9.jpg ...and his cute face.

b_120_80_16777215_00_images_o_wurf_23t10.jpg On High Heels is tired after all the excitement.

b_120_80_16777215_00_images_o_wurf_23t11.jpg But at some time all of them are sleeping





25 days old

b_120_80_16777215_00_images_o_wurf_25t3.jpg First stacked photos - sheep was opur easiest participant


Optimus Prime, Male
Outta Sight, Male
On High Heels, Female
Ohwannahave, Female
Once In A Blue Moon, Female, patch
Ovomaltine, Female, patch



b_120_80_16777215_00_images_o_wurf_25t1.jpg Eating the rest...

b_120_80_16777215_00_images_o_wurf_25t2.jpg ...and then mom is watching the tired warriors sleep





26 days old

Finally loevly weather with lots of sun - and the first tour to the garden
Also mom Leeloo, aunt Moa and grandma Lillit enjoy the great weather playing around.

b_120_80_16777215_00_images_o_wurf_27t16.jpg b_120_80_16777215_00_images_o_wurf_27t15.jpg

b_120_80_16777215_00_images_o_wurf_27t14.jpg b_120_80_16777215_00_images_o_wurf_27t13.jpg b_120_80_16777215_00_images_o_wurf_27t12.jpg b_120_80_16777215_00_images_o_wurf_27t11.jpg





27 days old

There is more and more action in the puppy house...

b_120_80_16777215_00_images_o_wurf_27t10.jpg b_120_80_16777215_00_images_o_wurf_27t9.jpg b_120_80_16777215_00_images_o_wurf_27t8.jpg b_120_80_16777215_00_images_o_wurf_27t7.jpg b_120_80_16777215_00_images_o_wurf_27t6.jpg





b_120_80_16777215_00_images_o_wurf_27t5.jpg b_120_80_16777215_00_images_o_wurf_27t4.jpg b_120_80_16777215_00_images_o_wurf_27t3.jpg Leeloo always finds a reason to grin





b_120_80_16777215_00_images_o_wurf_27t2.jpg b_120_80_16777215_00_images_o_wurf_27t1.jpg Puppy cuddles

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