9th week

We are heading for the last round...

b_120_80_16777215_00_images_w_traecht9wo10.JPG  b_120_80_16777215_00_images_w_traecht9wo11.jpg b_120_80_16777215_00_images_w_traecht9wo12.jpg b_120_80_16777215_00_images_w_traecht9wo13.JPG





 b_120_80_16777215_00_images_w_traecht9wo2.JPG b_120_80_16777215_00_images_w_traecht9wo4.jpg b_120_80_16777215_00_images_w_traecht9wo7.JPG b_120_80_16777215_00_images_w_traecht9wo8.JPG During our walks Abs is still energetic, although really HUGE...

 b_120_80_16777215_00_images_w_traecht9wo9.JPG b_120_80_16777215_00_images_w_traecht9wo5.JPG b_120_80_16777215_00_images_w_traecht9wo1.JPG...but at home she enjoys test naps in our wehlping box in all possible combinations


8th week

b_120_80_16777215_00_images_w_traecht_8wo_1.JPG  b_120_80_16777215_00_images_w_traecht_8wo_3.JPG Abs loves it comfortable and cosy now

b_120_80_16777215_00_images_w_traecht_8wo_4.jpg b_120_80_16777215_00_images_w_traecht_8wo_2.JPG But durng our wlks she is still active



7th week




6th week

 b_120_80_16777215_00_images_w_traecht6wo1.JPG Waiting for the walk

b_120_80_16777215_00_images_w_traecht6wo2.jpg Abs loves swimming

b_120_80_16777215_00_images_w_traecht6wo4.JPG  Testing the whelping box

b_120_80_16777215_00_images_w_traecht6wo5.JPG The belly is not deniable

b_120_80_16777215_00_images_w_traecht6wo6.JPG  Joy




 5th week

b_120_80_16777215_00_images_w_us1.jpg b_120_80_16777215_00_images_w_us2.jpg Of course we did already expect it, but it is good to know it for sure, thanks to an ultrasound: we are expecting puppies! And it looks like it won't be a very small litter...we will see.





4th week

 b_120_80_16777215_00_images_w_traecht4wo.JPG Abs is very fond of spa-treaments. Well, after the heat dried out so many of her favourite swimming spots it looks like this...




3rd week

b_120_80_16777215_00_images_w_3wo_traecht1.JPGAbs is feeling good

b_120_80_16777215_00_images_w_3wo_traecht2.JPG a short afternoon visit at the beach




Our trip to Poland



My "office" in the hotel room. Quickly moved everything for the mating trip...


 b_120_80_16777215_00_images_kovu_abs1.jpg b_120_80_16777215_00_images_kovu_abs2.jpg b_120_80_16777215_00_images_kovu_abs3.jpg

Two who get along nicely

b_120_80_16777215_00_images_kovu_abs4.jpg Abs is waiting. Where is he?


b_120_80_16777215_00_images_IMG_7848.JPG b_120_80_16777215_00_images_IMG_7850.JPG b_120_80_16777215_00_images_IMG_7849.JPG b_120_80_16777215_00_images_IMG_7851.JPG

Nature & architecture" - little photo series from our walk trogh the city

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